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The Earth Doesn’t Need Us to Save It

As we are slowly emerging from our homes and getting used to the new normal after lockdown here in New Zealand, I am realizing that all my thoughts about humans having to save the earth were wrong. We have seen amazing things happen on this earth just by people staying at home. Clear water in Venice canals. Clear, smog-free skies in New York, Beijing, and London. Animals returning to towns and cities. It is amazing the changes that could happen after such a small amount of time.

Of course, I have been doing a lot of reading while I have been stuck at home. Facebook, blogs, news… And I realized, we don’t need to save the earth, we just need to stop hurting it! Mother nature is perfectly capable of healing herself. We have seen it! All we need to do is stop being dicks and polluting the earth with our cars, machines, plastics, and whatnot.

Imagine if international travel decreased. We worked from home more and stopped using our cars as much. We made fewer trips to the supermarket. We couldn’t go out to restaurants, the mall or the cinema. We started making all our food from scratch instead of buying packaged and processed foods. We all started our own veggie gardens. Yes, I know we don’t want to be stuck at home for the rest of our lives, but just imagine what the world would be like if we just started to live a little differently?

I am really interested to see what we as humans take away from this. I hope that we all realize how much we have been hurting our planet, and take action. It may only take a few simple changes. I know we can get there. Let’s all stop hurting this earth, and let it heal itself. After all, it’s our only home.

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