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My Zero Waste Handbag Kit

Do you hate it when you are out at a restaurant, or a takeout place and they give you plastic cutlery or a plastic straw? Sometimes it is so unexpected. I was at the airport a few weeks ago grabbing a bite to eat before my early morning flight. I was super excited about the waffles I had just splashed out on and couldn’t wait to sit down and eat them. That was when I noticed the cans full of plastic cutlery on the table and my excitement quickly turned to disappointment. I didn’t have any of my reusable cutlery that I usually bring, I hadn’t found the perfect little kit to keep in my handbag for these situations yet. The kit I had been using was a little useless considering the bamboo fork had split in two, which isn’t very useful unless you’re trying to stab raisins with it. My waffles arrived at the table, and I reluctantly pulled a plastic knife and a plastic fork from the tin. Once I finished fighting with the plastic cutlery (thank goodness I wasn’t trying to eat a steak with it) I popped it into my bag to use on another occasion when I would surely be faced with the same problem.


So I created my own zero waste handbag kit.

I wanted a bubble tea or smoothie straw. Plus a normal thin straw. Cutlery. Chopsticks. The bag had to be easy to clean for when I have to put my utensils away dirty, and zip up so that my dirty utensils don’t end up all through my bag. Plus it had to look nice enough to get out in a posh cafe without looking like I was going camping. I chose a simple leaf design on a white canvas bag. The inside is made of easy to clean foil, and has elastic to hold the utensils in place.

I just got the shipment arrive on my doorstep, so I am super excited to try it out!!! 

If you want to be first to know when the bags are on sale, please subscribe to my blog and I will be sure to send you an email with the link. Who knows, I may even send a discount code to all you lovely subscribers. There are limited numbers available. so if you want one, make sure you get in quick!

I am so super excited about this! Just imagine how much plastic I can save from going to the landfill by using this cool little baggie. 

zero waste handbag kit

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