My Zero Waste Mission

When I was younger, i was lucky enough to go on a family trip to the Whitsundays in Australia. The beautiful great barrier reef extends into the turquoise waters there, and when we visited, I spent most of my days in the water, amazed by the colourful fish life and florescent coral. It was like swimming in the most amazing aquarium you can imagine. One that extends for miles. Ever since that holiday, it has been one of my favourite places on earth, and I have dreamed of going back there. Unfortunately, from what I have heard, the dreamland I once snorkeled in no longer exists. Global warming and the effects humans have had on the environment have caused much of the coral to be bleached, and die off. This change in the environment has also had a detrimental effect on the fish. I remember being surrounded by a dense, rainbow coloured sea of fish, but I imagine now, I would mostly just see the clear turquoise sea when and a bed of lifeless coral beneath me.

This makes me so sad and ignited a fire in me to do whatever I could to help nourish and care for our planet. I heard about a lady, not too far away, in Cambridge (Waikato, New Zealand) who reduced her household waste to one wheely bin a year. At first, I was amazed. But then I realised that with a few little changes in my lifestyle, I could achieve the same thing for my household.

I attended a composting workshop and learned how to correctly use my compost bin, how to make a thriving worm farm (rather than the one I had where all the worms wanted to do was escape or die), and I learned what a Bokashi Bin was.

Then the goal to reduce our household rubbish to one bag a year was born, along with the blog. I don’t like to force sustainability or zero waste down people’s throats, but maybe by trying to live more sustainably myself, it will inspire other people. The people that hear what I’m doing and just stare at me with wide eyes. Maybe they will start to make little changes in their lives too. Every little bit helps.